Yoga at Del Sol

Yoga at Del Sol incorporates the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the concepts of equanimty and impermanance to help build self acceptance, strength, and the resilience to face life with open arms. Our practices have been mindfully crafted to help the practitioner experience a full mind, body, and spirit journey. Many of the classes are heated between 85 and 95 degrees and we work closely with our breath to anchor into the present moment and to help one get deeper into our bodies. Join us for a deeper experience into self -

Sunday at 11:00 am, Yoga Temple, with Claudia

is a donation based Class is and has child care available


Drop In Rate for Yoga is $20 and we always offer new members our 30 days of Yoga for $49, so you can try it all.

10 Class Yoga Pass- $160 or 20 Class Pass for $275, expires in 6 months

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Del Sol 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa Schedule:

Sunday- 11:00am, 75 min class

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday: Mornings-8:45am, 60 min class

Monday & Wednesday: Evenings - 5:45pm, 60 min class

Friday, Happy Hour- 4:30pm, 60 min class


Del Sol Ambassador Month!

Sol Burn

Sol Burn Schedule:

Monday - 4:30, 60 min class

Tuesday- 6:00pm, 60 min class

Wednesday- 4:30, 60 min class

Thursday- 6:00pm, 60 min class

Saturday- 10:30am, 60 min class

This is a slower paced class connecting each breath with movement that is meant to explore each yoga pose by...


Ashtanga Americano

Ashtanga Americano Schedule:

Tuesday/ Thursday- 8:45am, 60 min class

This is the foundation, the roots, to our Vinyasa lineage with a set basic format for every class. The class is an outbreak of the traditional style that came from India which we set to music and add our own teaching flair. Come prepared to stay in postures a little longer than our flowing Vinyasa classes- although the class is...


Yoga Foundations

Yoga Foundations:

Tuesday & Thursday- 4:30pm, 60 min class

This is a non-heated class that can be both challenging and strengthening and where postures will be held for longer periods of time. Music and breath will be threaded in gracefully to help take the awareness within. It is a guided practice into our inner harmony. We end each practice with a meditation and a mantra.



Yin Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday- 7:15pm, 60 min class

Friday- 8:45 am, 60 min class

Yin might be the hardest yet most wonderful yoga class you will ever take in your life. Unlike the vinyasa flow classes, each posture is held for about 6-8 minutes, so there are a very limited number of postures done. Yin actually moves bone over time, making it incredibly healing and...