We specialize in something for everybody

Classes are based on Ancient wisdom transcending into modern times... we have something that would appeal to everybody.

Yoga Events, Concerts, Workshops, and Retreats


Come as you are... you don't have to wait until you are flexible...

Yoga at Del Sol offers an Ashtanga based Hot Vinyasa flow style class, which incorporates every movement with breath. Each class is guided through a sequence of creative and free flowing movements meshed with music to help invigorate, take you to your edge, restore and relax you.

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Kung Fu

Great effort builds great strength...

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art that affects a person on every level of their being, from both the physical to the mental, and the external to the internal. At Del Sol, we incorporate breathing techniques, body conditioning, ancient exercises, and our style's fighting techniques to create a highly effective method of self-defense and self-discipline.

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Private Training

One of the best ways to move forward...

Whether it's Yoga, Kung Fu, Strength and Conditioning, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Plant Based Cooking we can help you out- Schedule your Free Consultation today and we'll get you started.

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