Kung Fu Classes

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art that affects a person on every level of their being, from both the physical to the mental, and the external to the internal. At Del Sol, we incorporate breathing techniques, body conditioning, ancient exercises, and our style's fighting techniques to create a highly effective method of self-defense and self-discipline.

Kung Fu is based on principles that not only form the framework for the physical movements, but also form the philosophical view of our practice. It is more than just learning how to fight, it is learning mastery of oneself in the process. Along with the newly gained physical skills, students learn self-confidence, discipline, and hard work.

The term "Kung Fu," or more accurately "Gung Fu," means a high level of skill acquired through hard work and sacrifice. With this in mind, we teach that gung fu can be had in anything our students put their minds to. From pottery to painting, cooking to writing, or business to counseling; through the mastery of martial arts students learn to transfer the ideas of hard work and discipline to whatever goal they have set for themselves. This is of value in all areas of life whether it be family, school, or business.


Youth Kung Fu (ages 6-12)

In this class, your child's journey continues. As they begin to mature their focus shifts to understanding the life skills and philosophy of Kung Fu. They begin to understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and that they have a responsibility to their families and their goals. As they focus on their Black Belt, they begin to understand that learning Kung Fu doesn't mean they only have to be good and give their best...


Adult Kung Fu

The adult-level classes are perfect for any level of practitioner. New students are given versions of exercises that meet them where they are as far as intensity and difficulty is concerned, while veteran students are given ways of increasing intensity and difficulty.

All students are expected to try their best and trust that over time and with practice all things will get better. Whatever level the student reaches, they will be...


Kung Fu Body Conditioning

In Kung Fu we practice hardening the body with ancient techniques designed to strengthen bones and tendons. This allows the body to be strong like iron while maintaining fluidity which teaches us to move like water. Using tools like sand bags, jars, iron poles, iron rings, tree trunks, medicine balls, to name a few, we chisel away any of the unnecessary stuff so all that remains is the dedicated student hardened by their own will and determination.

Weapons Training

Traditionally, weapons were a method of gaining the advantage in battle. Fierce competition, functionality, and thousands of years have in their wake left a varied landscape of weapons. At Del Sol students focus on four main weapons first: the staff, broadsword, spear, and straight sword. Once there is competency in these, students move onto other weapons such as double daggers, fans, axes, melon hammers, chain whips, tiger forks, hook swords… to name a few.

While in today's times we don't walk around with swords, you can imagine the implications for someone who swings a golf club, baseball bat, or hockey stick and needs this ability to become one with the instrument and derive maximum efficiency and execution. Through precise and safe instruction, our practice accomplishes the same goals, helping each student develop even further as an individual and a martial artist.

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