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Our mission at DelSol is to give people life long skill sets to find and access their own personal power and Divine Truth. In order to do that you need a tribe of knowledgeable, compassionate, and loving people. Every teacher at Del Sol was once a student at Del Sol. They are inspired to move you to be the best version of you and honor you exactly where you are.

Our Yoga Teachers

The greatest most enlightened teacher in the you, in your body.


Yoga Teacher, & Teacher Trainer, Owner, 500Hr Experienced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider, Vegan Chef

Claudia has been teaching her love of yoga for the past 20+ years. She has studied Meditation, Vinyasa, Bhakti/Devotion and Mantra with those she considers her beloved teachers and mentors: Brigitte, Jonny Kest, Sharon Gannon & David Life with Jivamukti, Vanessa Stone, and Jai Uttal & Nubia Teixeira. Besides teaching, she has been leading teacher trainings, retreats, and plant based cooking. She is passionate about offering a pathway...

Thomas Leverett

yoga teacher, & teacher trainer, owner, 500hr experienced yoga teacher, yoga alliance continuing education provider,

Thomas teaches with a deep understanding that people have the capacity to tap into their sacred selves and find real freedom. Understanding this Truth he fills his classes with the motivation and space to allow people to explore their inner world while finding strength, fluidity, and resilience in their outer world. He has been sharing yoga teachings for the past 6 years and copartners in leading retreats and 200hr and 300...

Jan Evans

Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour RYT

Jan understands yoga as a "life science", encompassing and influencing everything from diet to the approach and reaction of the world around you. The asana, diet, meditation and pranayama of the yogic lifestyle help peel away layer upon layer and helps one discover themselves, your "true self".

She teaches yoga because she loves helping others live healthier. Her mantra is "smile and be happy".

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Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour RYT, and Kids Yoga Teacher

Magda loves the yoga tradition of connecting the breath, the mind, and the body while on and off the mat. She was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago. Her practice has helped her be calm, mindful, think clearly and be patient in even the most stressful situations. Magda is convinced that while yoga asana is experienced in the studio, as a ritual it will change our lives for the better in our relationships at work, at home and our...

Alia Alsaffar

Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour RYT

Alia has been doing yoga the better part of almost 8 years now, finding spiritual solace and emotional strength thru its practice. Upon first trying out yoga, she felt an immediate connection to the postures, missing the passion with movement her dance background once provided. Alia teaches Sol Burn and appreciates the sense of therapeutic release it offers not only thru fluid, almost dance like movements but also in its deeper teachings...


yoga teacher, 500 hour ryt

Chandra first explored yoga as a teenager and eventually fell in love with the practice, much later in life, as a means of tapping into the compassion and strength that is present in us all. The more she discovered about yoga, the more her curiosity and devotion grew. She is inspired to share this practice as a way of creating community and cultivating an awareness that we are all connected.

She completed her first 200-hour teacher...


Yoga Teacher, 200 Hour RYT

Zita attended her first “Yoga Temple” at Del Sol in 2016. From that moment she was “hooked” on the style of yoga offered by this unique studio. She initially embraced yoga@Del Sol for the physical and mental challenges expertly woven through each class. But what inspired her to cultivate a daily practice was the ability to transform her “time on the mat” into a “moving mediation” – a means of turning inward by connecting the breath with body...

Tiffany Harelik

Yoga Teacher

Tiffany began her yoga studies through Anusara and Ashtanga in 2000. She eventually found her yoga-home with Del Sol, where she completed her teacher training and studied in India. The mantra closest to her heart is Om Namah Shivaya: salutations to the auspicious one. She maintains the lifestyle of the 8-limb path of yoga and encourages people to connect with their inner-knower. Off the mat, Tiff is an author, medium, and astrologer. She...


Our Kung Fu Teachers



Sifu Thomas Leverett is a 10th Generation practitioner of the Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis system of Kung Fu. He began his training in 1997 while completing his B.A. degree from the University of Texas Austin in Anthropology and Archaeology. After training for 6 months, Thomas was asked by his teacher to become an instructor and help teach some of the classes.

It was during this time that he discovered his own passion for...