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Our mission at DelSol is to give people life long skill sets to find and access their own personal power and Divine Truth. In order to do that you need a tribe of knowledgeable, compassionate, and loving people. Every teacher at Del Sol was once a student at Del Sol. They are inspired to move you to be the best version of you and honor you exactly where you are.

Our Yoga Teachers

The greatest most enlightened teacher in the you, in your body.


Yoga Teacher, & Teacher Trainer, Owner, 500Hr Experienced yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider, Vegan Chef

Claudia has been teaching her love of yoga for the past 16 years. She has trained with many renown teachers in Vinyasa, Life, and Mantra. Jonny Kest, Sharon Gannon and David Life with Jivamukti, Vanessa Stone founder of the Amala Foundation and Jai Uttal are amongst those teachers she has dedicated much of her training with over the years. Besides teaching at the studio, she has been leading teacher trainings, and retreats and is passionate...


Owner, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, RYT experienced 500hr teacher

Thomas teaches with a deep understanding that people have the capacity to tap into their sacred selves and find real freedom. Understanding this Truth he fills his classes with the motivation and space to allow people to explore their inner world while finding strength, fluidity, and resilience in their outer world. He has been sharing yoga teachings for the past 6 years and copartners in leading retreats and 200hr and 300...


Yoga Teacher

Jan understands yoga as a "life science", encompassing and influencing everything from diet to the approach and reaction of the world around you. The asana, diet, meditation and pranayama of the yogic lifestyle help peel away layer upon layer and helps one discover themselves, your "true self".

She teaches yoga because she loves helping others live healthier. Her mantra is "smile and be happy".

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Yoga and Kids Yoga Teacher

Magda loves the yoga tradition of connecting the breath, the mind, and the body while on and off the mat. She was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago. Her practice has helped her be calm, mindful, think clearly and be patient in even the most stressful situations. Magda is convinced that while yoga asana is experienced in the studio, as a ritual it will change our lives for the better in our relationships at work, at home and our...


Yoga Teacher

Jamie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and completed her yoga training at Del Sol Yoga. She began her practice as a way to heal from stress and anxiety and found that yoga enhanced all aspects of her life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She leads vinyasa style classes connecting breath, body, and movement.

Her clear and encouraging teaching style allows others to feel supported and motivated. She is...

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yoga teacher

With over 14 years of practicing yoga, Suzie Marable views Yoga as a journey ofself-discovery. She is reminded through practice and teaching that we are all students and teachers. The practice of yoga for Suzie is not about the poses, but rather how yoga connects the mind to the heart. She believes that when we practice yoga, we come home to our true authentic self. Through a strong practice we can begin to cultivate an inner strength and...


Yoga Teacher

Alia has been practicing yoga for almost five years and completed her yoga teacher training a little less than two years ago at Del Sol. Alia began her practice as a means to connect back to her dance roots, feeling it would offer the same passion with each movement and passing of energy. The moment she began yoga, it immediately took her back to that! As a result Alia strives to incorporate a fluid sense of movement in her practices and...


Yoga Teacher

Patty has been practicing yoga for 5 years and completed her kids yoga teacher training at Del Sol with Jodi Komitor along with her 200 hr teacher training with Thomas Leverett and Claudia Castro Leverett. As a swimmer, triathlete, and marathon runner, she started doing yoga as means to stretch her tired muscles, but slowly started to realize there’s much more to yoga than that. She realized that yoga could be something that not only helped...


Yoga Teacher

Diana has been practicing yoga for over 2 years and completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at DelSol.

She often says, "I did not find yoga, yoga found me, and it hasn't left my side since. Yoga complements all aspects of my life: mind body and spirit, and has become not only a daily practice but the way I live life. DelSol is not only the place where our family practices yoga and kung fu, but it is also our extended family. My...


Yoga Teacher

Spencer has been practicing yoga casually for close to 9 years to help find some ease in his own body from an active lifestyle. After 7 of those years, he felt a push to go deeper and dove in head first into making yoga part of his daily routine. Since then, yoga has expanded far past the asana realm and has branched out into a way of life through a curious and awakened lens for him.

Spencer continues to learn, grow and evolve into...


Yoga Teacher

Kathryn has practiced yoga throughout her adult life. Five years ago she came to a Del Sol Yoga class as an exhausted parent desperately seeking a quiet moment while her children were in Kung Fu classes. Encouraged by the energetic and supportive teachers and yoga community at Del Sol, Kathryn deepened her practice by becoming a yoga teacher. She will have completed 500 hours of teacher training through Del Sol in Fall 2018. Drawing upon her...


Our Kung Fu Teachers



Sifu Thomas Leverett is a 10th Generation practitioner of the Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis system of Kung Fu. He began his training in 1997 while completing his B.A. degree from the University of Texas Austin in Anthropology and Archaeology. After training for 6 months, Thomas was asked by his teacher to become an instructor and help teach some of the classes.

It was during this time that he discovered his own passion for...


Kung Fu Instructor

I started taking Kung Fu classes at Del Sol because I wanted to increase my physical strength and flexibility. I immediately fell in love with the amazing community of people involved with Del Sol. Early on I knew I wanted to continue to practice Kung Fu as a way of balancing my mind, body, and spirit.

Kung Fu has not only increased my physical strength and flexibility, but more importantly it has helped my mind grow stronger and more...


“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


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