Angie Embry

yoga teacher, 200 hour ryt

Angie has been practicing yoga for over 4 years at Del Sol. Her journey began in 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, and it became a daily practice during a 30-day yoga challenge in April of that year. Since then, her passion and practice have grown stronger, leading her to complete the 200 hour yoga teaching training course at Del Sol.

The yoga works. Connecting breath and movement while learning to quiet the mind has changed the way she approaches all things in life. “Building a mindful practice is so rewarding—it is one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves.”

Angie’s love for Ashtanga has led her to share the practice with others. It is a series of postures that is always consistent. It builds confidence and reveals progression and strength every time we show up on our mats. “In a way, it feels like home.”