200-Hour and 300-Hour Certified Teacher Training

Dive into the depths of self as you learn how to use yoga as a tool for self-awareness, purification, and connection. This training shows the student, not only how to teach a strong, meaningful, centered practice, but how to apply these ancient practices in your everyday life.

Not just for those that want to teach, but for anyone at any skill level who wants to learn how to use this practice to deepen their understanding of yoga, strengthen their own practice, and develop the awareness of your own internal sacred space and how to communicate it's light into the world.

Join Thomas and Claudia as they lead you on this journey and help you find your own teacher within.

Upcoming Trainings

Live Yoga

January 13, 2023 - July 23, 2023

This training is for any Yoga student that wants to bring Yoga fully into their life. It's a program that helps participants integrate with these ancient practices in a whole new way, in a way that really gives one the tools to navigate life's journey from a place of acceptance and inner wisdom. This training is set to help you see and hear the teacher within, and to help you cultivate your own inner guidance.

A 200 Hour Certification is not necessary to take this training. It is open to any true seekers that want to LIVE Yoga, and benefit from it's time tested traditions of...