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When you join a family like Del Sol, you join a family that knows how to have fun.

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Yoga helps too, you know!! If you do both , please don’t leave during savasana😹😹😹🙏🏽 M O N D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Diana @dianaunlu 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Kathryn @katematx 5:45p Hot Vinyasa with Spencer @mustardonabee 7:15p Yin with Jan @janicemarieevans #hydrate #yoga #practice #hotvinyasa #foundations #yin #atxyoga #delsolaustin Thank you @wanderinpoetess for the reminder😹😹

😹😹😹 We know who you are... Thank you for being “that” friend. You are accumulating good karmas😉 S A T U R D A Y | 9:00a Hot Vinyasa with Alia (subbing for Patty) @aliamichellephotog 9:00a Kids Yoga ages 3-6 with Kathryn @katematx 9:00a Kids Yoga ages 7-11 with Magda @magda7462 10:30a Sol Burn with Jamie @peaceloveandqueso #saturday #goodfriends #hotvinyasa #kidsyoga #solburn #yogaeverydamnday #atxyoga #delsolaustin

Light has no shadow. And yet can light up the darkest room. When we turn on the light, the sadness, the depression, the suffering goes away... When we turn on the light, we remember. International Day of Peace blessings to you all🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 May you be happy, may you be free of suffering. F R I D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Thomas @thomas_leverett 8:45a Yin with Jan @janicemarieevans 5:45p Happy Hour Hot Vinyasa with Thomas **donation based #light #isournature #hotvinyasa #yin #happyhour #yoga #yogainspiration #practice #atxyoga #delsolaustin @delsolaustin

Then there are those teachers that look deep into your soul and recognize your heart at a deeper level. Beyond the layers we may carry, they witness your heart and speak to it in the language of love and acceptance. Thank you @nubiayoga for your inspiration, Brazilian love blast and deep well of bhakti connection. We bring back with us your reminder - to investigate where are the teachings coming from... what is the source of what we are practicing so that we have a clear direct one pointed connection. That is the practice🙏🏽🌟@bhaktifest . T H U R S D A Y | 8:45a Ashtanga Americano with Claudia 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Jan 6:00p Ashtanga Americano with Claudia #ashtanga #roots #asana #foundation #krishnamacharya #lineage #hathayoga #bhaktiyoga #bhaktifest #atxyoga #delsolaustin

We are back from the desert spending sweet moments in the presence of master teachers who have passed on the lineage of the many paths of this great yoga. We will be sharing more of that experience in these days. Here was a little satsang with Baba Bhagavan Das who’s music has a direct line connection to your heart. His greatest message- simple.. “be kind to one another no matter what.” Today’s practice... W E D N E S D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Thomas @thomas_leverett 12:00p Power Flow Vinyasa with Diana @dianaunlu (nonheated and with the same fun as hot vin) 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Kathryn @katematx (for those that want to take it slower- nonheated) 5:45p Hot Vinyasa with Alia @aliamichellephotog (aka yoga party) 7:15p Yin with Suzie @suzie_walks_here (mmmmm) #wednesday #yoga #practice #poweryoga #hotvinyasa #yin #atxyoga #delsolaustin

Y O G A T E M P L E | EVERY SUNDAY 11 AM. This Sunday with Patty 🌟 All hearts welcome 🌟 Donation based 🌟 Childcare available 🌟 Bring some water, a towel and your big heart #yogatemple #sunday #prectice #atxyoga #delsolaustin

The chakras are portals into inner seeing, full being... the practice sets us up for aligning in an energetic way to true freeing. . F R I D A Y | 8:45am Hot Vinyasa with Jamie 8:45am Yin with Jan 5:45pm Happy Hour Hot Vinyasa with Spencer

You do you, the best. Like in yoga, today😉 . T H U R S D A Y | 8:45am Ashtanga Americano with Diana @dianaunlu 4:30pm Yoga Foundations with Jan @janicemarieevans 6:00pm Ashtanga Americano with Magda @magda7462

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On Sundays, our Del Sol community and friends that have traveled some ways come together. There is something about the tender sacred space of a Sunday. It’s like the guards come down, we begin release the expectations, we surrender the deeply embedded judgments and allow ourselves to be. Fully. Presently. Tenderly. Although many say this class is challenging and some even consider it an”advanced” level class. The most advanced yogi is the one that can remain the most present to their breath, to their body, deepening into the most profound awareness. Everyone is welcome here. Exactly as we are. Wounded, hurt, injured. Spunky, elated, vibrant. Awareness, observance and holding our space for that is the key. So may we drop the judgment that it’s “not for me”, or “I can’t do that” and maybe invite ourselves to be willing to be moved by the container of the moment, in whatever capacity it shows up in order to begin to free ourselves from these storehouses of limitations... we are unbound, free, liberated souls if we are willing to be, shall we? ALL HEARTS WELCOME 💠 Every Sunday | 11am 💠 Donation based 💠 Childcare available . 💠 Bring your sense of curiosity, willingness, and maybe some water and towel too 😉 #yogatemple #sunday #hotvinyasa #practice #awareness #breath #prana #delsolaustin

HAPPY HOUR YOGA | FRIDAYS | 5:45P with THOMAS 🌀 Donation based 🌀 CHILDCARE AVAILABLE!!!! 🌀 End your week and start your weekend with 🔥🌟🙌🏽 🌀 Fun vibes, good music, amazing humans, and a hell of a sweat 💦 🌀 Come and share in some appetizers and “booch” ... have to show up if you wanna know what that is😎 #happyhour #yoga #vinyasa #hotvinyasa #friday #prana #celebrate #delsolaustin

You know what makes all of our classes pulse, resonate, vibrate... Music!!! (we have broken all rules and even our Ashtanga Americano class has music...!🤯) WHY? Because it helps ease our pain, it inspires and motivates us, it induces a meditative space, it elevates our mood, it reduces stress, it helps us sleep and remember things better, it connects us to something from our memories or to each other in the now. We use music in our classes to bring us back to each other, to connection rather than separation, to inspire versus transpire, to rise above other rather than none above. 😉🎼 We always take music suggestions and work hard at an inspired and heart felt transmutation. Join us and come to dip into the beats, it’s like you just entered a one hour yoga retreat! #music #inspiration #yoga #vibration #rhythm #beat #healing

For the most part, we like our yoga, HOT 🔥🔥🔥 Over 70% of our classes are heated (Hot Vinyasa at 95*, Solburn and Ashtanga at 85*). What’s up with heat? Warming our bodies as we breathe rhythmically helps us move, lubricate, and activate our cellular, lymphatic, muscular, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. That means that everything gets a system reset and recharge. Purging via sweat helps us begin to purify the body and mind. That’s why it feels so great!!! It’s like every individualized sweat bead removes that which is no longer supporting our body and opens up greater circulation, strengthens immunity and increases flexibility. Besides the mindful benefits of greater clarity, calm and receptivity; a continuous and regular (4 or more times per week) heated practice has been shown to even reduce the rates of cardiovascular related diseases and cancers much in part due to the weight loss and management of stress benefits observed in those that maintain a regular practice. Want to begin integrating a healthier lifestyle? Maybe adding one of these classes to your rhythm might be just what you need😉💫🙌🏽 #sweat #detox #hotyoga #hotvinyasa #vinyasa #slowburn #ashtanga #delsolaustin Shout out to @stacybergphotos for capturing many of our hot moments💃🏽🙏🏽

Calling all the Burners!!! Now that we got your attention😎💃🏽 SOL BURN - also known as SLOW BURN is a class for anyone looking for deep slow flowing yoga experience. This is a slower paced class connecting each breath with movement that is meant to explore each yoga pose by feeling it rather than just doing it. The invitation will always be there for one to take their awareness within by closing their eyes. It truly is a calming and therapeutic experience. This class welcomes all yoga practitioners. It is like a candlelight dinner with yourself. You may even want a blindfold, just sayin😎... Come experience this class on: Tuesday- 6:00pm, 60 min class Saturday- 10:30am, 60 min class Our burning teachers are Claudia @claudiacastrolev and Jamie @peaceloveandqueso #slow #intimate #yoga #solburn #slowburn #candlelit #deepdiaphragmaticbreathing #3partbreath #breathingclasses #delsolaustin

Have you been to YIN? Our yin classes might be the hardest yet most wonderful yoga class. Unlike the vinyasa flow classes, each low to the ground posture is held for about 6-8 minutes, so there are a very limited number of postures in a class. Yin taps into the fascia, and the connection tissue- the places where we hold our greatest stress. Making it an incredibly healing and beneficial practice for every person to start at any point in their life. A very meditative, calming experience. Monday & Wednesday- 7:15pm, 60 min class Friday- 8:45 am, 60 min class Our yin teachers are Suzie @suzie_walks_here and Jan @janicemarieevans #yinyoga #meditation #pause #connectivetissue #delsolaustin

Y O G A T E M P L E | 11 A M This Sunday with our vibrant and festive Patty Cakes @pattyyyoung This is an upbeat, sweaty, community based class to help us integrate back into the vibration of wholeness, consciousness and love.... yeah! Anyone?!? 🔆 All hearts welcome 🔆 Donation based 🔆 Childcare available 🔆 Bring water, a towel, and you exactly as you are😉 📸📷🙌🏽 @stacybergphotos for always her awesome shots of us living the yoga🙏🏽 #yogatemple #sunday #yoga #itsayogaparty #vinyasa #sweat #community #sangha #love #alwaylove #delsolaustin

Need a full body, full mind practice? We have something just for you... ASHTANGA AMERICANO- Just like an espresso shot minus the caffeine. . All levels welcome. You will be challenged and yet leave feeling fully integrated and restored. . This class is the foundation, the roots, to our Vinyasa lineage with a set basic similar format for every class. The class is an outbreak of the traditional style that came from India which we set to music and add our own teaching flair. Come prepared to stay in postures a little longer than our flowing Vinyasa classes- although the class is not heated, bring a towel, you will still sweat, a lot. . Tuesday/Thursday 8:45a and Thursday 6p with Claudia @claudiacastrolev . #ashtanga #americano #vinyasa #chikitsa #primaryseries #foundation #delsolaustin