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Mind•Ful•Ness A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. 🌟 This is what we do. Pause. Drink in what you need the most. 🌟 S A T U R D A Y mindfulness tricks👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 9:00a Tai Chi/Qigong with Ryan @rugermcdoogs 9:00a Hot Vinyasa Yoga with Alia @aliamichellephotog 10:30a Kung Fu all levels with Thomas @thomas_leverett 10:30a SolBurn Yoga with Gaby @gabriellebenitez 12p Ashtanga Americano Yoga with Claudia @claudiacastrolev Mind•FULL•ness can show up as ... Anxiety? Depression? Migraines? Insomnia? Fatigue? Distraction? Mind•FUL•ness can show up as peace of mind? Clarity? Sense of purpose? Vitality? Gratitude

Been missing your happy hour hot Vinyasa?? This Friday, July 12th 👆🏽👆🏽5P FLASH MOB gathering for a little hot Vinyasa with Thomas and splash of booch after (kombucha!) 😉 #hotvinyasa #yoga #practice #delsolaustin

THIS FRIDAY- JULY 12th!!! 6-10P 🌟🌟 It's Kung Fu Movie Night and Parent's Night Out! Just drop your kiddos off and pick them up at 10 or earlier. Please make sure your kiddos eat dinner before coming and feel free to send them with a snack. This is for members of Del Sol and their friends. We will watch movies, play Laser Tag, and other fun Kung Fu Games! Let us know you are coming!! #parentsnightout #movienight @delsolaustin

Much of the price of freedom... is within our own minds... ❤️⚪️💙 JULY 4th Schedule- 9a Ashtanga Americano with Thomas Kung Fu Schedule resumes back on Saturday👌🏽 #liberation #freedom #practice #mindfulness #howfreecanyoube #delsolaustin

Tomorrow we begin the journey of our yoga teacher training Summer intensive. When there is a collaborated group of beings working on their studies of awareness and mindfulness, it infuses and elevates the vibration of the whole sangha- the whole community. We bow to the effort already in manifestation and offering. We really all do the training in some way, whether we are the participant, the one holding the space, the one supporting, the one witnessing, the one practicing next door... we all play an active and special part in the process... it’s all our journey... Please take note of a class change and addition👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 ⭐️⭐️Thursday 6p classes being changed to Ashtanga Americano with Claudia and ⭐️⭐️ a new class - Ashtanga Americano on Saturday’s at 12p with Claudia @claudiacastrolev Thank you to the brilliant @maliarae for capturing this special magnific rock in Nicaragua 🙏🏽🙌🏽 #yogateachertraining #yoga #teacher #ytt200 #equanimity #mindfulness #awareness #sangha #community #meditation #delsolaustin

Y O G A T E M P L E | 11A Sunday ☀️ Father’s Day! Dads- join us for free on Father’s Day! ☀️all hearts welcome ☀️donation based ☀️childcare available ☀️bring some water, a towel and your big heart. #yogatemple #sangha #community #sunday #yoga #practice

Its official... we are going back and maybe with YOU! Join us - Thomas and I for a Journey to Spiritual India for an amazing 14 days with dear friend and Kirtan singer, Adam Bauer! This is a spiritual pilgrimage for those truly looking for a deeper journey to the amazing place that is India. India has a way of transforming our perspective of life and entices us with its sacred places, amazing food, mystical nature and humble, beautiful people and culture. This is the way to see India: through spiritual eyes, guided along the path by devotionally-oriented humans eager to see Grace in all things, all places, all beings. More and more and more details listed in the link and then on the registration page. If you are yearning for a taste of life that pierces your heart... this is the reason we continue to go back year after year;) January 20- February 1st, 2020

If you’ve never been, we promise you, you will pushed to an edge... mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Notice we didn’t say anything about the physical, that’s really up to you how much you want and don’t. You are always a breath away from a seated meditation and a hand stand. Y O G A T E M P L E with our very own, Patty Cakes @readwriteandbreathe Sunday | 11a 🥰All Hearts Welcome, For Real 🥳Donation based 👶🏽Childcare Available 😅Bring some water, a towel, and your big ol heart! #yogatemple #sunday #yoga

Kung Fu movie night going down like this tonight! Celebrating our beloved Laurel - we are so thankful for this dedicated, hard- working, inspiring, kind group of young people. Our future looks bright, everyone! #celebrate #kungfu #movienight #inspiringyoungpeople

This weekends events @skullandcakebones are posted here⬆️ for their month long support of free programs during during mental health awareness month! Join us for free with our dearest, Jan @janicemarieevans guiding our yin class at 9am at Skull & Cakebones Our SATURDAY schedule at the studio still remains the same: 9:00a Hot Vinyasa with Patty @readwriteandbreathe 10:30a Sol Burn with Gaby @gabriellebenitez 🙏🏽

It’s been 10 days. Daily class posts. Does it matter? Does it help? Keep doing it? Polling our IG/FB oomies to see if we should keep going or only post important events necessary...😉 ➡️➡️Up to know good😇 . T H U R S D A Y | 8:45a Ashtanga Americano 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Jan @janicemarieevans 6:00p Sol Burn with Alia @aliamichellephotog

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Yoga helps too, you know!! If you do both , please don’t leave during savasana😹😹😹🙏🏽 M O N D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Diana @dianaunlu 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Kathryn @katematx 5:45p Hot Vinyasa with Spencer @mustardonabee 7:15p Yin with Jan @janicemarieevans #hydrate #yoga #practice #hotvinyasa #foundations #yin #atxyoga #delsolaustin Thank you @wanderinpoetess for the reminder😹😹

😹😹😹 We know who you are... Thank you for being “that” friend. You are accumulating good karmas😉 S A T U R D A Y | 9:00a Hot Vinyasa with Alia (subbing for Patty) @aliamichellephotog 9:00a Kids Yoga ages 3-6 with Kathryn @katematx 9:00a Kids Yoga ages 7-11 with Magda @magda7462 10:30a Sol Burn with Jamie @peaceloveandqueso #saturday #goodfriends #hotvinyasa #kidsyoga #solburn #yogaeverydamnday #atxyoga #delsolaustin

Light has no shadow. And yet can light up the darkest room. When we turn on the light, the sadness, the depression, the suffering goes away... When we turn on the light, we remember. International Day of Peace blessings to you all🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 May you be happy, may you be free of suffering. F R I D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Thomas @thomas_leverett 8:45a Yin with Jan @janicemarieevans 5:45p Happy Hour Hot Vinyasa with Thomas **donation based #light #isournature #hotvinyasa #yin #happyhour #yoga #yogainspiration #practice #atxyoga #delsolaustin @delsolaustin

Then there are those teachers that look deep into your soul and recognize your heart at a deeper level. Beyond the layers we may carry, they witness your heart and speak to it in the language of love and acceptance. Thank you @nubiayoga for your inspiration, Brazilian love blast and deep well of bhakti connection. We bring back with us your reminder - to investigate where are the teachings coming from... what is the source of what we are practicing so that we have a clear direct one pointed connection. That is the practice🙏🏽🌟@bhaktifest . T H U R S D A Y | 8:45a Ashtanga Americano with Claudia 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Jan 6:00p Ashtanga Americano with Claudia #ashtanga #roots #asana #foundation #krishnamacharya #lineage #hathayoga #bhaktiyoga #bhaktifest #atxyoga #delsolaustin

We are back from the desert spending sweet moments in the presence of master teachers who have passed on the lineage of the many paths of this great yoga. We will be sharing more of that experience in these days. Here was a little satsang with Baba Bhagavan Das who’s music has a direct line connection to your heart. His greatest message- simple.. “be kind to one another no matter what.” Today’s practice... W E D N E S D A Y | 8:45a Hot Vinyasa with Thomas @thomas_leverett 12:00p Power Flow Vinyasa with Diana @dianaunlu (nonheated and with the same fun as hot vin) 4:30p Yoga Foundations with Kathryn @katematx (for those that want to take it slower- nonheated) 5:45p Hot Vinyasa with Alia @aliamichellephotog (aka yoga party) 7:15p Yin with Suzie @suzie_walks_here (mmmmm) #wednesday #yoga #practice #poweryoga #hotvinyasa #yin #atxyoga #delsolaustin

Y O G A T E M P L E | EVERY SUNDAY 11 AM. This Sunday with Patty 🌟 All hearts welcome 🌟 Donation based 🌟 Childcare available 🌟 Bring some water, a towel and your big heart #yogatemple #sunday #prectice #atxyoga #delsolaustin

The chakras are portals into inner seeing, full being... the practice sets us up for aligning in an energetic way to true freeing. . F R I D A Y | 8:45am Hot Vinyasa with Jamie 8:45am Yin with Jan 5:45pm Happy Hour Hot Vinyasa with Spencer

You do you, the best. Like in yoga, today😉 . T H U R S D A Y | 8:45am Ashtanga Americano with Diana @dianaunlu 4:30pm Yoga Foundations with Jan @janicemarieevans 6:00pm Ashtanga Americano with Magda @magda7462

Today we bow. Today we honor. Today we pause. Today we offer our silence, our meditations, our prayers, our blessings, our practice, our love to all beings and humanity where 17 years ago were impacted by a deep loss and tragedy. Moments of offering today: T U E S D A Y | 8:45am Ashtanga Americano with Jamie @peaceloveandqueso 4:30pm Yoga Foundations with Jan @janicemarieevans 6:00pm Sol Burn with Alia @aliamichellephotog #wewillneverforget #offering #prayers #practice #yoga #peace #ashtanga #foundations #solburn #atxyoga #delsolaustin

Excavation. Navigation. No need for interpretation. The inner Temple, come to sample. The spaces of the ample, deep within. S U N D A Y | 11AM with THOMAS 🔅All hearts welcome 🔅Donation based 🔅Childcare available