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Body Hacking with Thomas

Increase your Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Range of Motion and more....

Body Hacking with Thomas

How to get your brain to work for you when it comes to performance

This workshop is designed to empower you in learning about the systems in your body that determine how you move:

The Proprioceptive System- The Brain's map of your body in time and space based on sensory information given by the various "receptors" in the body.

The Vestibular System- Your balance

The Visual System- The most dominant of the three systems- the eyes

Neurological drills to get you to your best

We will do drills to acquaint you with the most utilized joints and how to "wake them up" so that your brain can "see" them clearly. This will not only enhance your flexibility, but your mobility, strength, balance, speed, endurance, fluidity- you name it. Everything is effected by the brain, and when you can get the brain to sync up with these systems you are running at your optimal space to grow from. If these drills are done daily your movement will change- I guarantee it.

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