Yoga Events and Workshops

Events and workshops support our practices in so many wonderful ways. Events help bring the community together and Workshops are meant to get into a deeper understanding to help enhance our practice. You will see several options of workshops and events every month to assist in developing your yoga...

Handstands!!!!!  A Yoga Workshop with Thomas

November 24, 2018 3:30pm

Turn it upside down with Thomas. Learn the tricks to be able to really engage your muscles and stacking of your bones to be able to get up in a handstand. Through specific drills and concentration techniques, you will gain confidence in kicking up against the wall or solo in the middle of your mat. All tools that help us grow awareness in our practice and face fears that might get in the way of realizing our greater...

The Magic of Yogic Sleep

November 20, 2018 7:30pm

The yogis kept the secret of yoga nidra for thousands of years until it was revealed as one of the most powerful ways to make up for the lack of sleep and abundance of stress. One hour of yoga nidra equates to about four hours of sleep. The practice is known to relax our nervous system, revitalize our immune system, and leave us feeling deeply integrated, replenished, and restored. Come absorb yourself in a class where you lie down for a...

Thanksgiving Gratitude Hot Vinyasa with Thomas

November 22, 2018 10am

Join us for a Donation based Seva- Service Class

All proceeds go to Food for Life: A School for Girls from the most impoverished areas in Vrindavan, India. Del Sol sponsor several girls to be able to eat three meals a day, get the transportation and clothing they need to attend school until they are 18. Offering the fruits of our actions for a greater purpose.


Meditation with Thomas

December 6, 2018 7:30pm

Learn the basic tools to get started with a meditation practice. Thomas offers easy, accessible ways to begin to develop a regular meditation practice. These simple techniques will surely allow you to feel more integrated, grounded and open to the greater field of deeper seeing and freeing. Sign up here!