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It is a journey into one another, into stepping out of your own bubble and seeing the world through a new set of eyes that deeply opens your heart to the mystery and truth of our humanity- we are all interconnected. we are all love.

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We will come together in the spirit of yoga- union- community and practice. We will meet daily for our morning practice, then most afternoons for a workshop and then again for an evening meditation or gathering to chant or sing together... its a true processing of reshifting and re-aligning to that which has been asking to awaken and come alive again.

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Seva is act of doing and giving service.

On this retreat we will be working with the SOS Orphanage of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The orphanage or village is made up of 11 homes with approximately 9-10 children in each home. One “Mom” is assigned to each house and she raises them as a family until they are 15-16 years old.

We will be sharing our talents as a community by offering our own services ranging from dental hygiene, meditation, face painting, games, community song, water balloon play and.... Kids Yoga! Its like a carnival for the children and they love- they look forward to it each year! Let us know what special talent or service you’d like to share, and if you aren’t sure, don’t worry there will be plenty of ways to give.


There are many ways to help the children at the orphanage/village..

There are currently 20 children at the SOS in Matagalpa who are not sponsored by anyone. Our goal is to raise enough money to sponsor them for the year.

It takes about $35/month to feed and clothe these children.

That means $420/year and we are trying to do it for 20. Join our efforts as we reach a goal of $8,400- This is totally doable,and you don’t even have to attend~ just pass the word and the link and help in whatever way you can..


The moms

What really makes this place special is the “Mom”. These beautiful people take on the role of both Mother and Father. They spend all their time helping these children. When we asked one of the moms, Anabel, “Why do you do this?” She said, “I grew up with a Mom and Dad that loved me and I couldn’t imagine these children not having anyone there for them.”


Items Needed:

School Materials:

  • notebooks
  • colored pencils
  • colored paper
  • back packs,
  • coloring books
  • books in Spanish
  • glue guns
  • glue sticks for glue gun

Art Supplies:

  • paint for crafts
  • painting pallets
  • paint brushes

Sports Materials:

  • soccer balls
  • volley balls
  • basketballs
  • baseballs

Track equipment:

  • shot put and disc
  • poles for pole vaulting
  • running shoes

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