Kung Fu Camp Session 1 : June 10-14, 2019

During Kung Fu Camp students learn kung fu basics: striking, kicking, blocking, and weapons training. They will also practice traditional Kung Fu Lion Dancing. Learning the various instruments and parts.

Each day the students will participate in strength and conditioning exercises as well as play Laser Tag at the end of each day. Often if the entire group feels up to it, we decide to make a kung fu movie that the kids all do together. This is always fun and we all watch it together on the last day of camp

Camp goes from 9 am- 3pm, and lasts Monday- Friday. There are four sessions to choose from. Please pack lunch and a snack for your child. We will be there by 8:30 if you need early drop off.

If you are interested in this camp sign up at Del Sol 4pm-8pm Mon-Thurs or Saturday 9-12pm. You can also call us at 512-535-4749 or Email