Gaby Benitez

Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour RYT

Gaby has been practicing yoga asana for nearly 10 years now, initially starting as a way to stretch and find grounding in her early teens but soon discovering it to be a more meaningful practice of connection and compassion. Having completed 500 hours of training in October 2018, she is still in a constant state of learning and expanding. She strives to practice many aspects and types of yoga throughout her daily life, and is always asking herself how she can better infuse her actions with ahimsa and the spirit of seva. For her, yoga is simply a way for us to look past the ego and connect back with our truest selves, our Earth, and our greater community. She loves the way asana helps combine breath and movement to allow us to access the tools needed in order for us to reconnect with that truth and our inner spark.